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It's more that just a cut!

Mr. Freshcut, where we blend timeless style with the spirit of community and growth. This sanctuary was not just founded as a barbershop but as a symbol of my life's work: merging professional excellence with spiritual depth.

It's more than just a cut; it's about creating a space where style meets the soul.

TJ Balsamo

How I Got Into Barbering

My journey into barbering is pretty straightforward. I grew up biracial with just my mom, and visiting an all-men's barbershop wasn't comfortable for her, so we stuck to haircuts at home. I always noticed other kids with straight hairlines and sharp sideburns, styles my mom couldn't quite replicate. In 4th grade, I decided to take matters into my own hands and started adjusting my hair in search of that fresh look. By 7th grade, I'd gotten pretty good at it and started cutting my friends' hair, a habit I kept up through high school. Looking back, it was more than just learning to use scissors and clippers; it was a way to express myself. Mastering these skills, began shaping my identity and creating a vision that would eventually lead to the launch of Mr. Freshcut.

Simplicity and Excellence

WITH Mr. Freshcut, we embrace minimalism. Our focus is clear: impeccable haircuts, precise beard trims, and masterful shaves. We're driven by a future-forward vision, where simplicity, cleanliness, and attention to detail are paramount. It's not just about looking good; it's about feeling aligned and centered.


Our team at Mr. Freshcut is the heart of our operation. We thrive on unity, believing deeply in the power of collective effort. Each member brings their unique skills to ensure our clients receive nothing but the best.

The Freshcut Experience

Step into A Mr. Freshcut and feel the difference. Our space is more than a barbershop; it's a communal hub where everyone, staff and clients alike, unite in a positive, judgment-free zone. We're not just barbers; we're guides to your best self.


Our Vision


My dream for Mr. Freshcut is to become a local staple that provides support not only for our customers but also for our dedicated staff and their families for generations to come. We envision a barbershop that stands the test of time, symbolizing excellence in grooming and community support.

Join Our Journey

Visit us at a Freshcut location and be part of something greater. We're not just cutting hair but imagining confidence, clarity, and community. Step in and step out ready to embrace your world with renewed vision and style.



1100 brickell bay dr

miami, FL 33131

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